Risotto with tomatoes, 300 grams

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Risotto of carnaroli rice with tomato and onion, among other ingredients. Risotto is a traditional rice dish from northern Italy. The rice is cooked in broth and, unlike regular rice, is supposed to be creamy after cooking. Also delicious with a dash of white wine through the broth. For ingredients, see "more information" at the bottom of the page.

Ingredients: Carnaroli rice 94%, tomato 2%, carrot, onion, black olives, parsley, chives, basil.
To add: 1.5 litres of broth, 5 tbsp olive oil, 1 glass white wine.
Packaged under a protective atmosphere. Store in a cool, dry place.
Produced by: Casale Paradiso, Italy.

Nutritional value for 100 g


1708 kj / 402 kcal


0.7 g

of which saturated fats

0.1 g


89 g

of which sugars

1.2 g


8.3 g


0.01 g

˜...˜...˜...˜† Leonie Haas on risotto with tomatoes. This risotto is easy to prepare. There are already plenty of flavours in the sachet which pleasantly surprised me. It has a smooth taste and I can taste the quality. Delicious! To give a twist to the risotto and have a little more ingredients on the plate, I added sweet potato, chestnut mushrooms and cherry tomatoes.

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