Picnic fork, bamboo, 16 cm

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An environmentally friendly alternative to wood. 
Bamboo is a light but very sturdy material. Unlike most hard woods, bamboo barely absorbs moisture, so it neither shrinks nor expands. Also, bamboo has the ability to break down bacteria quickly.
So it is perfectly suited for kitchen accessories! Bamboo is also environmentally friendly:
- It absorbs almost 5 times more greenhouse gases and produces 35% more oxygen than a comparable amount of trees.
- The sturdy bamboo roots prevent erosion, retain water in the soil and reduce water pollution due to their high nitrogen uptake.
- Bamboo continually renews itself through the creation of new shoots after harvesting.
- Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world (up to 1 meter per day !) and can be harvested after only 4 to 5 years. With traditional hardwoods, harvesting is only possible after 25 to sometimes 70 years and the trees must be replanted afterwards.
- No pesticides and/or fertilisers are used for bamboo cultivation. Our supplier works with bamboo from a region in China with a temperate climate. The bamboo grows slowly there, producing dense, hard and durable stems.

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