Organic, porcelain, blue-striped bowl, Ø 12 cm

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Ideal for your muesli or porridge, crudites, salads, dips and sauces, soups, bowl dishes, for briefly storing cut vegetables, etc.: you can never have enough bowls. The bowl is part of a crockery set consisting of a mug, a breakfast plate, a tea mug and this bowl. A beautiful, organic porcelain set available with three different motifs. The dark-blue stripes are decals that are made of special foil that is burnt onto the crockery at high temperatures in the oven. This makes the crockery dishwasher proof. The various motifs – designed by Dille & Kamille – go well together, but also make a great addition to our organically-shaped white crockery set.
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SKU 00041692
Dimensions ø 12 cm
Country of origin China
Material Porcelain
Color Blue