Lavender, organic, 40 g

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Organic lavender flowers for brewing herbal infusion. Lavender tea is intensely fragrant and has a slightly sweet and slightly bitter taste. Drink this herbal tea pure, or make your own blend with other herbs and/or green or black tea. You can also use lavender in the kitchen: in cookies, cakes and desserts for example, but also in savoury dishes. The flavour is quickly overpowering so use in moderation.

Lavender has traditionally been known for its wonderful fragrance and soothing properties.

Tip: The scent of lavender is not only very nice, but it also chases away moths from your closet. Fill, for example, paper tea bags with lavender and hang or put them between your wool sweaters, coats etc. Or use the bags purely for scent, between clothes, sheets, towels etc.

  • 100% organic
  • Contents: 40 grams of dried lavender (Lavandula sp.)

1 teaspoon per cup, brew for 10 min with boiling water

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