Dark terracotta flowerpot with rounded lip, ø 23 cm

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Give your indoor or outdoor plants a great spot in this Mediterranean-looking flowerpot. This tapered flowerpot with its thick, rounded lip is slightly different in shape and darker than the classic terracotta flowerpot. The pot has a drainage hole in the bottom.

Using the pot indoors? Combine with others of various sizes to create a playful effect. Always use the matching, glazed, waterproof saucer underneath to prevent leaks.

Terracotta makes an ideal material for flowerpots: it is porous, which allows the root ball to breathe and ensures the plant’s roots don’t stay wet for too long.

Tip: before use, place the flowerpot in a bucket of water. The porous pottery will absorb the water and won’t attract moisture from the potting soil. Place a shard of pottery over the hole, then fill the flowerpot with potting soil and your plant.

Check here for tips on re-potting your plant.

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SKU 00031673
Dimensions ø 23 cm
Country of origin Portugal
Material Terracotta
Color Terracotta