Cherry pit pillow, rectangle, 13 x 55 cm

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The classic cherry pit pillow, for use as a warm or cold compress. Use the pillow warm for (muscle) pain in your back, neck or shoulders, for cold feet and for stomach cramps. Warm the cushion in the microwave. Make sure the microwave is clean and free of grease stains. Read below at what power level you should heat the cushion.

Use the pillow cold for bruises or sprains. If using cold, put it in the freezer for a couple of hours.


  • Spray the cherry pit cushion with water. Better too damp than too dry!
  • Place the cushion in the centre of the microwave. Make sure it does not touch the wall, especially with a turntable.
  • Check what power rating the microwave has and heat the cushion: 
    700-800W - max 3 min
    900W-1000W - max 2 min
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Dimensions 13 x 55 cm