Ceylon cinnamon sticks, organic, 5 pieces

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The inside of the bark of the cinnamon tree (Sri Lanka) is rolled very thinly into cinnamon sticks. Cinnamon has a very aromatic, delicately sweet taste and smell. Use it in a variety of Asian, North African, Greek and Middle Eastern dishes, in stews and some pasta sauces, in desserts, applesauce, in stewing pears and pickling, among others. Let the cinnamon stick stew with your dish and remove it before serving.

Tip: A cinnamon stick is not only delicious in hot wine or cider, (herbal) tea and other winter drinks, you can also serve it along in the glass. Beautiful and delicious!

This is the real Ceylon cinnamon, from the real cinnamon tree. Often the related cassia is sold as cinnamon: the flavours are similar but Ceylon cinnamon is sweeter, softer and more refined in taste.

  • 100% organic
  • Contents: 5 cinnamon sticks
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